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Top 5 Android apps and features (MUST WATCH)

In this video I described about top 5 apps features that I think you people should know.

Best plan Rs.149

Reliance Jio is now a race of 'Unlimited' with rival operators. All operator have now its unlimited offer but one plane of Jiois best in any competition Rs.149.
Yes, the reliance Jio's Rs 149 plan is best forever because of its unlimited calling in any network and its give us more data than any operator plan.
If other operators have plan like this than the competition is very hard for Jio because of Jio's LTE only network and other operators have 2G 3G 4G networks also. Many people have still use the 2G and 3G phones, So if Other operators bring the plan to us it is a benefit to them.If you have any suggestion regarding this please comment bellow and you can also connect us to twitter and Facebook also. Visit: