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Narendra Modi in US

The easily excitable diaspora admittedly didn't need too much convincing of 'Modi's greatness', yet the intensity of their enthusiasm and choice of topics in the prime minister's speech threw up some interesting takeaways.

In their background, personality, road to power, administrative experience and acumen, lifestyle, ideology, beliefs and leadership approach, Modi and Trump are as similar as chalk and cheese.

Most articles that project Modi and Trump as each other's 'mirror image' are poorly conceptualized and lack in basic interpretation of facts.

It is here where Trump and Modi show a remarkable similarity.

[caption id="attachment_455" align="aligncenter" width="688"] PIB image Prime Minister Narendra Modi with US business leaders.[/caption]

PIB image A brief look at Modi's topics of discussion at Ritz Carlton where he met around 700-odd members of Indian diaspora reveals this pattern.

None of these are new and in fact, h…

Google Finaly Remove Android Market

Now after 7 year Google has finally decided to remove Android market from Android 2.1 and below versions.

When this change happens the devices is no longer to able download apps from Android market. the change will happened without any notification or any alert because of Technical security reasons.

In the recent versions of Android the Android market replaced by the Google Play Store. Because of most developer or not support below Android 2.1 eclair it seems silly to continue with the older Android versions.

How To Save Your Phone Battery For More Battery Life

To save your smart phone battery for batter battery life follow the below steps:

If you are not using your phones wifi or bluetooth then turn it off, because its scan all the time and consume the battery.
If you are not using your apps for long time then remove it from multitasking.
Turn off auto brightness and control brightness manually.
Set your screen time out as short as possible.
Turn off auto update apps from play store.
Turn off Voice Detection Assistant(eg. ok google, Siri and Cortana) that use the mic continuously and consume battery.
Turn off your unnecessary internet access.

If you follow these steps then your phone's battery life stay longer.

Bsnl 4G

The government owned company BSNL now roll out there are four 4G services in India.

BSNL said to roll out his 4G services since 2014 but then not launched at the 4G services in India. Now as per BSNL report the 4G services of BSNL is roll out in India in the end of this year.

The BSNL 4G services is based on ngn technology ( NGN = Next Generation Network ). So when the BSNL 4G is rolled out the customers of BSNL should use the new technology flawlessly.

BSNL also upgrade there are 3G connectivity in coming days. BSNL also implement they are connectivity in the new sites according to the report.

5G Networking

After 1g 2G 3G and 4G LTE the most common thing is 5G the network 5G depends on the data centric network and its collaborate with small microwaves which depends on small tower around the Main Tower because of it don't able to pass through the wall about any of the trees the way to landing signal to the cell phone is the small transmitter which is depends on the main Tower.

As Wikipedia article:-  "User centric (or cell phone developer initiated) network concept instead of operator-initiated (as in 1G) or system developer initiated (as in 2G, 3G and 4G) standards. Li-Fi (a portmanteau of light and Wi-Fi) is a massive MIMO visible light communication network to advance 5G."

The main thing is that the signal is very hi frequency and shortwave to transmit data between client and server.

The 5G networking is the symbol of speed and reliability after 4G. This network is underdevelopment in US and it should roll out to the worldwide soon.