Can I speak any language ???

Yes, from now  we can speak any language.


ili 2

We all do not know all the languages. So in Japan, Japan created a translator device that would facilitate talking to other languages

Currently there are only three English , Japanese and Chinese languages available . But the work is going on for more languages.

ili 1


Google translator works online but this smart gadget will work in complete offline mode. So it will be of great benefit to us to use it. It's not very big, it's almost three inches. There is a switch in the middle, it has to be pressed. Then the words are to say it That's what I want to say , and after saying It will translate in another language.

It will be very suitable to talk to another person in a another country. As a result, we do not need any interpreters. We can speak very well to each other ourselves. It is so small that we can stay it  like necklace in our neck and use it as needed.


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