Broadcom is trying to buy Qualcomm

During its lawful fights with Apple and the United States Federal Trade Commission, chipmaker Qualcomm today was offered an unwelcome bid by Broadcom for a $130 billion purchase. Qualcomm’s brand is frequently connected with the Snapdragon chips that power devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG V30, and Google’s Daydream VR. Customers are fewer aware with the name Broadcom. So what is it, and why is it trying to get the concerned chipmaker?

Broadcom is a semiconductor company like Qualcomm, that manufactures  chip and computer component that support laptops, smartphones, game consoles , And it also manufactures LED, Displays, network adapter like wifi and bluetooth. Broadcom is measured a competitor to Qualcomm. According a Qualcomm report, 22 billion dollar revenue sale from Qualcomm compared to Broadcom's 18 billion dollar. 


In spite of the more famous popularity of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips, Broadcom chips are also used in gadgets by Google , Apple etc. Broad com collaborated with Nintendo to gaming in Wii U game controller. Recently Broadcom working with a GPS chip for accuracy of the GPS location up-to 30 cm. Broadcom is trying to buy its competitor to expand its market share of wireless chip buisness.

A day earlier reports of the gaining offer, Broadcom had declared that it was design to move its headquarters from Singapore to the United States.


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