How to protect your smartphone?

To protect your smartphone you may have considered some points that are mentioned below:↓

  1. Do not install unknown source apps.
  2. Always use the phone default app store.
  3. Do not open virus affected sites.
  4. If you visit a site and the site jumps to another popup the quickly close the other site because of it possible to have the virus from those sites.
  5. Always update your phone with its recently available security patch from the phone brand company.
  6. Do not access your bank from an open wifi network.
  7. Keep your phone's some internal storage free for downloading the security patches.
  8. Stay alerted from some apps such as some photo editing app, some camera app, etc. which can leak your privacy. To prevent this use your default camera app and editing app or use from a trusted app developer like GOOGLE.
  9. If your phone is Virus affected then simply reset your phone or go in safe mood and then go to app manager then uninstall those apps which causes the virus.
If you follow those methods then you don't need to use an antivirus software.


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